Get Out There Poem

rock and roll dude
rock and roll dude

Ah Sweere Jackson
You been running this dog and pony show
since 1996
now get back out there you asshole

I can’t go out there
them Facebook people’s out there
they can comment and stuff
they got that like button
they might not use it
leave me hangin’ out there all stuck and stuff
I’m sceered o them people
they might not like me

Get out there you asshole.
You got the whole damn world lookin’ at every damn page
and you’re all cornswaggled
befitched and barnstormed

They weren’t there before
there were them Google people
but they didn’t say nuthin’
They’s lots of them too
they been lookin’ at stuff
listening to stuff
fer mebbe 14 yars
on this here sight

Ah sweere whut are they gonna thaink now

david michael jackson

Actually it’s been 16 years. Recently I installed some software and discovered that has 68,000 urls (pages). Needless to say others have put up pages, notably Janet Kuypers. For many years we were an html site. This year I turned a very old website into a blog and, recently added a Facebook Page. This has always been an anonymous thing done quietly to present poetry, art, music without profit or intent. There was a time when images were new on the internet, when everything was on a phone line. We were there. Jackson’s hanging on, trying to change and wondering suddenly if he’s good enough to publish 68,001.