freezing outside Jesus poem by Michael Estabrook

freezing outside Jesus

yes it has been a busy season

you guys definitely seem busier than

anyone else I know,

do you ever just sit and relax together,

watch a little TV, listen to some

mood music, read a book?

or is it always go go go!!!

I’m feeling very guilty I haven’t

been to Florida to visit Grandma

for so long; was going to go down when

Mom was in Africa, but then Robin

decided to have her foray

in Somerville ghetto

and I couldn’t go anywhere; so my plan

is to go down in a couple months;

my Aunt Alice (she was the one

who came to Laura’s Bentley graduation,

remember she got lost and sat on a bench

crying) is moving down near

Grandma and if all goes right

she should be settled by March;

then we can go down, see my mother

and her 2 sisters, then head over

to Kerry and Todd;

sure you want to do such a thing?

would be fun to bother Kerry again,

he’s always been an easy mark