Eyes of the Moon Poem by Duane Locke


All planes were grounded
Because the moon opened one eye.
Walls were built around all cities
So the darkness could be x-rayed
And frisked before being allowed to enter.
It was learned that darkness had only one rib
That was made from the thoughts of the zithers
Plucked by Thamar and Ammnon.
Some said that darkness carried a pot of geraniums
With a pink cricket hiding under the leaves
That sung a song about the shadows
Of ghost crabs crossing long salt flats.
Others disputed the discovery, said it was
Semirande wearing a black pants suit
And carrying a pink parasol to the South Pole.
One frightened man said darkness
Carried two baskets filled
With the ashes of burned carnations.
The people were in panic, fearing
That the moon might open both eyes.