Chair Paintings


Chair paintings I have known

Chair Painting

Chair Paintings, harumph! I have one too. It’s empty. I called it and empty chair painting but no one asked for that so I seek a loftier set of words. If I succeed you see my painting. If I do not succeed, my painting remains on the wall of my dear Niece Cindy Jackson in Clarksville Tennessee. You can see it there or in any one of the attics in which it may reside in the future.
In order for you, some nameless person somewhere, to see my chair painting I have to say chair painting now. I also need outside links for my robot friends. I must be the chair painting expert. There I said it again.
Chair Paintings. Let’s See there is Van Gogh’s chair painting:

Van Gogh Chair Painting
Van Gogh Chair Painting

Paul Gauguin was Vincent’s buddy. They lived together for awhile and then Vince cut off his ear. That would put a strain on any friendship.

Gauguin Chair
Gauguin Chair

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