Can Do Better Poem by MOSHE BENARROCH

Can Do Better

Always torturing myself for things I didn’t do
why didn’t I write a long novel
my novels are too short
why not the long poem,
why so many languages
am I really good at any of them
why my books don’t sell maybe
I am such a bad writer and poet
why when I am not writing
I feel like the village idiot
or maybe I am I should
leave all this and make some money
for my family I should divorce
and face my fate and write all day long
I should and I could and I should
and I know it’s my mother behind all this
and all these teachers always saying
I could do better, all my friends
always saying I could do better
that’s my image the man that could do better
but if I could do better or write better
I would have done it,
wouldn’t you, you lazy bastard!