Blessing Unicorn Poem by Marilyn McIntyre

The Unicorn of a Blessing

Flying through myself softly

Sliding through even bone

I travelled to a forbidden land

Where one must wander alone

I knew the shape of a unicorn there

Standing blue, in the depths of a pool

A unicorn, blue, but smiling

Gently I traced the tear in his eye

Removing all need of his lieing.

He answered my touch

In sweet, gentled voice

And told of his lady so fair

Of being a two in a world of one

Where blessings had been so rare

He spoke of the sharing these two had done

In the time since then and before

And I knew of the love of this unicorn

Love, yet so much more.

Why is it then that you are alone

He shifted his head to the sky

Why echoed tremulously on his lips

And escaped from him in a sigh

I flew away home with a tear in my heart

Right next to then and before

And the unicorn lover forlorn and apart

Who waits for God and the passage of time

To bring his lady once more.

Now some call me fool, some view me wise

But I have been there and believe my own eyes

so have your own notions or view me with lies

Still I know the place where the unicorn

Stands alone in a pool and cries.

Copyright © 1998 by Marilyn McIntyre, All rights reserved