Birds Poem by Barbara Spring

Birds notes of all colors tumble

through the foggy air

and I can’t sleep.

Flowing notes are small colored stones

cascading all through

the foggy dawn.

On the longest day of the year

I wanted to snooze

but sleep eludes.

A parliament of finches sings

a gang of robins

two cardinals drop

their cherry ripe notes into the

doppelganger fog

that magnifies

every jubilant trilling.

Rose breasted grosbeaks

calling catbirds

towhees, wrens, swallows bend their

twittering love songs


through morning air–gentle doves

mourn while blue jays

jeer rude blue notes.

Summer solstice jolts me awake-

blazons a new season on

songbird hinges.

Barbara Spring .
The Dynamic Great Lakes
The Wilderness Within