Billie Holiday Concert Kinda!
Billie Holiday – All Of Me / The Man I Love/ Can’t Get Started With You

There are three songs here. What is it about Billy Holliday and her voice? Some of us are given a talent by accident or design. Her voice fits her times. It sounds so much like a horn of some kind, maybe a trumpet that is muffled. It is truly unique.
Often with all artists we know the story.The pain of her life comes out in that voice and the intonation.
I wonder if I had wandered into that club on that night……. I imagine myself sitting at a small round table. It is dark. I order a drink from a waiter in a white jacket. He brings my drink on a small round tray. He leaves.
A piano starts to play……..
Would I know I was hearing something, really something, or would I be lost in my problems. Would I talk above her? Would I leave before hearing all because I had to be somewhere “more important” or because the “drink was too high”?
I lean back in my chair. I play with the glass. I look to the stage. I’m staying this time.
Her Story in video: Billie Holiday!



david michael jackson     September 26, 2012