Abstract Art Images

Abstract Art Images

Abstract Art Image-01
Abstract Art Image

This is the last oil I painted. It had many forms and shapes over the years for I liked it, didn’t like it many times and added paint again and again.
Abstract art images or, as I call them, shapes are my passion.
I have always called it abstract shapism. Others call it that now. These images have been on the net since 1996. My art was at Artcrawl because Robert Varner noticed me in 1997. He is the founder and owner of DoubleTake Gallery, Fine Art Consignments. Since 1997 I have not met a more honest company and a finer person on this internet.

I also call this abstract image The Stairway painting because it has lifted me up somehow. It is truly reaching for something whether I achieved it or not.
It is the reaching, the stairway that is important. Abstract art is a denial, a rebellious act. Often the rebellion looks like everybody else’s rebellion. This certainly doesn’t look like a stairway, maybe it’s a weird flower to you. When I succeed, the image is different things to different people.
“I see a cow” is a perfectly great reaction to a great abstract shape. That is why my abstract images have shape. Here is another shape:

abstract art image-02
abstract bug painting

and another:

abstract art image03
abstract art image03


abstract art image-04
abstract art image-04

What do you see? If your imagination is at work then I have succeeded!


David Michael Jackson is the painter, author and publisher of Artvilla. These abstract art images are of his art. His site is at Modern Art Paintings and Images      email is editors@artvilla.com.

david michael jackson 4/11/2012