Abstract Art 101


Keep adding paint until you get something.
Use shape and form and color to say something different to every observer.
Never finish the work, only abandon it. You’ll rediscover it later.
Don’t accept the first day’s effort.
If you hate it, add paint.
If it’s the wrong color add paint.
Paint until you are satisfied with it or have given up on it or have moved on.
Spend every penny you have on it and then put it up on the net and paint another.

My images are early internet. File size was important then. I have been asked to provide high density images. This is my first. You can scroll around in it and see how much oil paint I wasted. It can also be reproduced
I called it Stairway but you may call it whatever you please. It was painted abandoned for years and painted again. It is 48″ x 24″ on canvas and can be swept away by a mere $1000. If you are in Africa and need to get the General’s Wife’s millions out of the country then I’m your guy.

david michael jackson June 13, 2012 dave@artvilla.com