A World of Thinkers — Andy Derryberry

Osama “thinks” I’m a running dog infidel who should be murdered

Some of my Christian brothers “think” I’m a stinking low life liberal

Occasionally ‘ol Harley boys “think” I’m a punk a** s**t for riding a Japanese bike

People younger than I am may “think” I’m past my day and should just go away an not burden them

A good percentage of my friends and relatives “think” collateral damage is perfectly OK

American’s seem to “think” that those designated winners are superior to those designated losers

A multitude of modestly intelligent people “think” they know how it is I came to be here punching these keys

A great gaggle of people “think” the truth is entirely separate from the facts

A high school pal “thought” I was too independent

What do I think?

You don’t wanna know