Big Brother | Poem by Seymour Shubin

Why Me

Ruthie began to call me
Her big brother
Which used to bother me at first
Because she was some six years older than me
But then I understood
Her son had died at twenty-two
And her husband a year before
And now her daughter…
Give me hope, she begged.
Oh how I tried.
But I was only her big brother
Not, goddamn it, God

Why Me

Gadolinium, poem from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#64, Gd)
(based on the poem “You are a Force”)

This attraction to you,
when I learn what you do:
are you a force of nature?

Is it your magnetism, and
how my need’s only magnified
as I draw closer to you?

That’s the only way
I can explain this,
you know.

I know this momentum
in your magnetism
chills me to the core:

but the world doesn’t know
that your magnetic refrigeration
is the energy we need…

you must have a power
no one else has harnessed,
to do this to me.

The force you have on me
makes my blood rush,
and with that blood-brain barrier,

I even look at MRI scans,
and you’re just the contrast agent
to enhance all my vessels.

In older times, the electric force
between us would even
curl me in an arc to you.

I know, I know, I must abide
by the laws of physics and motion
when it comes to you,

because, as I said,
with your dynamic equilibrium,
you must be a force of nature.



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Daniel Melingo


Artist : Melingo
Album : Santa Milonga
Record label : Mañana


Sir Andrew Motion.Poet Laureate. Ex. UK.

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It’s not often British poets get knighthoods, though nowadays they tend to dish out the honours list rather lavishly to say the least. Our dear old Benji Zephania refused outright his CBE for political & moral reasons, as well as poetical, he reckoned such type of honouring destroyed the soul of the poet. But at least we can say about our Andrew, he’s a true blue academic & didn’t flinch when his turn came.

Mike Oldham Country Music

Mike Oldham

Mike Oldham

Reverbnation Bio:
Born and raised in Nashville Tn. and exposed to music from day one, it’s no surprise that Mike Oldham is a natural singer/song writer of the finest order. Mike and his three brothers were lined up at the ripe old age of four and given their parts by their talented father who molded their talent into what would eventually take them to the big stages

Mike Oldham hails out of Nashville, Tennessee offers a good beat and good lyrics. You can visit his page on Reverbnation. Country music is about lyric. We like words and sometimes country music is poetry. Mike is refreshing.