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Really Loves That Car Poem


He Really Loves That Car

                   By Maria Taggart and David Michael Jackson

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He really loves that car
He admired it from afar
He went down one day
and drove it away.
Oh he really smiled that day.
And he really loves that girl.
It's a romance for all of the world.
They met one sunny afternoon
when the shadows were scattered just right.
She wore green to match her eyes
on that very very first night.
Yes he really loves that girl.
You can see them everywhere.
Cruising around town
having fun.
You can't get them down
because they're like one.
Oh they really love life.
They sip it like fine wine.
They are a shining star.
And they really love that car
They go everywhere.
yes they really love that car.
It's red.
yes they really love that car.
I sure love them
and they really love that car.
    That Car Poem Copyright © 2011 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved


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