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Cry Beloved Zimbabwe Freedom Poem


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Cry Beloved Zimbabwe Freedom
by Hasani Hasani

My name is Hasani Hasani. I am a Zimbabwean man. I have written my poem inspired by the events that took place in Egypt recently where the people toppled the autocrat Hosni Mubarak.
I feel that Zimbabweans are in the same situation as their North African brothers. In Zimbabwe we have suffered under the same despotic rule of Robert Mugabe  who has misruled our beloved country for three decades.
If the people of Egypt can free themselves from the yoke of authoritarian rule, the same can also be done by us Zimbabweans.It is time to demand our God given rights of freedom.

Hasani Hasani

Cry Beloved Zimbabwe


You were born out of the raging fire

Through blood, sweat and tears

Hoping to sow seeds of justice, peace and equality

You temporarily produced fruits

And you managed to feed Africa

Why are you now the begging everywhere?


Zimbabwe liberate yourself from dictatorship

Break the yoke of oppression

And build the tower of freedom

Run away from chaos and confusion

And repair your damaged fertile land


Ditch the dictator and appoint a true leader

Leave the dirty linen in the rubbish heap

And rejuvenate the farming

Renew your relations with the world

And oust the dictator like Egyptians

Yearn for another, era another life.

Hasani Hasani

Cry beloved Zimbabwe Freedom poem Copyright © 2011 by  Hasani Hasani All rights reserved

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