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Drop Out Poem


Drop Out, Tune Out  Turn off

                                                                by Phil Coyote

What destroyed my days?
cable TV, via satellite.

America's cable "news" networks.

Fear, Fear, Fear-
Ending with those "Heartwarming" moments.

All focused on tabloid style reports. What the stars were wearing.
Brutal crimes and cats saved from trees.

Hollywood or somewhere in Iowa, or Illinois,
perhaps Miami or Houston.

Never mind that there's a whole world out there.
Never mind that America is not the center of the universe.

Oh, too negative for hours. Oh, too sanguine for minutes.
I'd try the distractions. The "bread and circuses."

There's "American Dad"...That dysfunctional CIA family.
There's "Army Wives" to zone on.

Militaristic. Nationalistic. My days were wrecked.


Drop Out, Tune Out  Turn off
Copyright Phil Coyote 2011

----------Art by David Michael Jackson

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