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Quit My Job Poem


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Here is a poem by my brother written in the '70's. Wayne was an ironworker. Ironworkers typically have many jobs within a year. It is well known that when one ironworker "drags up", (quits his job) that the others sometimes follow.

Anger Like That Should Be Used...I Take a Month Off

By Wayne Jackson 1950-1989

No need to get laid.
No need for pencils or TV.
No need for life insurance, doctor bills, Playboy Magazines.
No need to put money into candy machines.
No need to eat anymore shit.
Drag up.
Tell them to job the job.
Tell them you’re going to live a shitless existence for awhile,
and to keep the world going without you for awhile.
I took a month off.

Copyright © 1997 by Donald Wayne Jackson, All rights reserved

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