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The Artist Needs Red Paint poem

Jake Needs Red Paint 
by Summer Music 
  i know you are setting sun 
so distracting from the no sense 
we get engaged in 
lining clouds with silver as in that ol’ song 
the one that makes one sad but not to cry 
o i almost remember the child 
with nothing more important to do  
then watch the sun light up the clouds 
as they dance with one another 
and in those final hours turn gold 
yonder deep blue mountains will soon enough turn black 
my friend runs out of paint he needs some red 
the blood red rose that does not bleed will do 
he knows the thorns to stay away 
dance now if you only move a foot 
even Pan’s allowed this dance 
is it buffalo or bear on his hind feet 
never mind the sun laughs 
slipping once again below my view 
it is another day it was  
well played.


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