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Raining All Night Long Poem


Raining All Night Long
by David Michael Jackson

I checked the weather
this morning again.
They said take your umbrella
when the rain begins

Oh it's mostly cloudy here
since you said goodbye.
Once your cold front moved in,
covered up my sky,
and now it's raining.
It's raining all night long.

Yes it's raining,
and my baby's gone,
and the rain in the streets
hides my tears.
I walk the old haunts
and count the years.

Oh I think of you
In the morning light,
in the evening like
a song in my heart.
But the dove of pain
is flying in the rain
is flying flying in the rain

And it's mostly cloudy here
Since you said goodbye
Once your cold front moved in,
covered up my blue sky
And now it's raining.
It's raining all night long

Raining All Night Long Copyright © 2000


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