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Make Up Your Mind Poem


Make Up Your Mind
by David Michael Jackson

Make up your mind                    
Is it him or is it me                          
don't you think it's time                                  
You've made up your mind
Don't leave me hanging around                             G
Like somebody's fool
Because my heart it's a loving you
And I'm a loving you too
So don't be unkind
And make up your mind

It's a matter of choosing                         
And I'm a choosing you
I'll be loving you forever
And you'll be a loving me too
So don't be so blind
And make up your mind
Make up your mind
Is it him or is it me     
don't be unkind
Just make up your mind
Cause guess what my love
I've made up mine
We'll be doing just fine
If you'll make up your mind.

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Make Up Your Mind Copyright © 2000 by David Michael Jackson,
All rights reserved


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