Janet Kuypers’ “Thoughts on Peace” 8/6/16 peace (and vegetarian) themed poetry feature/show

    Below are text links and video links from a August 6th 2016 (8/6/16, or 20160706) poetry performance (with background rain forest noises to accompany the readings) of Janet Kuypers’ Austin poetry feature through Expressions (of Peace)! at Austin’s the Bahá’í Center in Austin, Texas hat incorporated poetry about peace into a show. Kuypers opted to sit in the lotus position on stage for the performance (and sat o a raised platform so audience members could see her during the live show).

    Because this was a peace-themed performance, Kuypers started the show talking about the Egyptian Goddess ISIS in comparison to what we now know as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but transitioned into talk about peace to all living creatures (like animals, and being a vegetarian) with portions of her editorial from cc&d’s v249 21 year anniversary book Invisible Ink, until she ended with two poems on being a vegetarian. Kuypers also thought a appropriate title for her show would be “Thoughts on Peace”, especially because she ended the show with a poem that ends cutting in mid-sentence with “and I thought:” — where she sat for a moment in the lotus position like she was going to continue, then she closed her eyes and bowed her head as the entire center remained in silence until the rain forest music started to fade and she opened her eyes and said “thank you”.

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    Before the show started she also released copies to most some of the audience there of a chapbook of the writings she was performing in her show (in the order they were performed). All of the pieces from this reading were also released electronically in a “Thoughts on Peace” chapbook, which you can download as a PDF file for free any time.

Here is a listing with links to all of the writings performed in this live show:

Queen ISIS (battling for peace)”
Choices We Make
Everything was Alive and Dying (2016 cruelty to animals edition)
On a High Horse Like This