Abstract Food Painting

Abstract Painting of Food

Here is my large oil abstract painting which suggestions of food. I’ve painted very few large paintings. I treasure this one. I call it Food For Thought
It is 48″ x 36″
Painted circa 1990
In a private collection
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I did set out painting the apples as I remember. I did not purposely include other foods….I tend to see them now. It is the nature of a good abstract painter to set out with no intent whatsoever. That is what I do. I blindly apply paint to the canvas.
I always hate it the next day and paint over it. This hating it and repainting is called “painting by constant revision”.
I did the same with the background. It has been every color in the universe it seems.
Eventually the background creates a shape, shapism. That is what I have always called it. Abstracts need shape!
Eventually I give up and cast the painting aside in failure.
Six months later I discover it in a corner and it’s like I never saw it before, like someone else did it. I suddenly love it. I actually feel love for this painting. It has a life. It will be gone someday.