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Born in Middle Tennessee March 1952. Turned out to be one of the hottest summers on record. I thought we did great although during my childhood we got electricity, TV and indoor plumbing. Oh yeah, after I was in college my Mom and Dad got air-conditioning.

I got a Sears arch-top acoustic/electric guitar when I was about twelve. That summer I bought a Sears amp with yard mowing money. I took a few lessons from a fantastic guitarist when I was in Junior High but I was a terrible student. I played some on and off all the way through college, but I more or less just laid it down after that. Married a beautiful woman, had a fantastic daughter and didn't think about it.

Many years later I was talking to my old friend David Jackson about poetry with music. I agreed to try to put a little bit of guitar under some poems. From there I've gotten the love of the guitar back and have an American Fender Telecaster and a Vox Valvetronix amp. Mainly I work up pieces for poetry and also play in my brother's band. Great fun.

I also ride my motorcycle, run a bit, bicycle, and hike occasionally.
Variety is nice.

Welcome All !!

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