Weebley Waffles

weebly waffles
weebly waffles

Weebley Waffles went to Wambly Academy

and he ran down the Wambly halls

down the Wambly walks

to Wanglewhat Inn where

he ran smack into Wappley Walbright and where

Weebles became

all blarneyed and festered

“I’m leaving Wambly”,  Weebley said that day at Wanglewhat

Now, don’t get me wrong, Wappley Walbright knew of both
Wambly’s and Wanglewhat’s respect for Weebley.
Wappley said, “Weebley Waffles you wangblatt! Wambly needs you.”
“Have no more whiskey, Weebley” said Wappley

david michael jackson