I Shall Poem by David Michael Jackson


There is indeed a stalker in my dream
He waits among the broccoli sprouts
Waiting for me to pass as an ant today
Today I shall be the smallest ant in the field
I shall carry the pieces of leaves toward
I shall ride in your collar and wonder at your
I shall wonder at the cashier, the driver, the toll
gate worker, so many strangers
You’d think I’d have seen them all by now
So many like me
Engineer with prints, artist with canvas, musician with violin of very
old wood,
So many to the slaughter, so many like me
Walt’s wagons is now the semi-trailer driver
The same staunch strength, he has not changed
So many like me
The press operator stamps parts with earplugs in place
His grandfather the blacksmith is in his hands, in his feet
They are the same among so many
This farmer’s son has wide feet for the plowed earth,
Sits in his cubicle without the need for wide feet
Writes poems he does, this ant in your collar
Shreds leaves
Builds pyramids