The Twitch Poem

I walked into the
room and James
was there and we were
both twitching,

same eye,

INTRAC it was called,
some name they made up,

we had t-shirts,
there was golf,
there were picnics,
there were banners,

James and I can be seen
in the pics,

you can’t see the twitch.
but the eyes do look blurry,

it started at the cheek
and went to the eye,
this twitch,
it showed up especially
after the speeches,

there was a team
there was a coach,

he didn’t have the ball,

we had the ball.

James twitched,
I twitched,
we worked,
we made it work.

One night at eleven
we were there,
the team,
the ball,

He came roaring
out of his office,

James and I looked up,

Where is the list I gave you people?
Is this the best you can do?
I have people.
They want to know our level of confidence.
Is it really eighty percent
and how can we get to

You can see him
in the picnic photo
with his thumbs up

……………..david michael jackson