A Poem for my Teachers

Rarely did we ever come back

to say thank you,

almost never.

We were busy.

Oh they made speeches to you,

mostly other teachers or administrators.

They told you of the difference you made.

The difference you made?

Miss Mabel,

Mrs. Shumaker,

Mr. McDaniel.

The difference you say?

You noticed me.

You told me I was special.

You sat me in the highest chair,

quietly without fanfare

without anyone ever knowing,

except for me

too many years later.

You picked me up and

set me on my feet.

And so I say to some teacher who may

wander into this poem,

some other child’s teacher.


I cannot say thank you to

Miss Mabel,

Mrs. Shumaker,

Mr. McDaniel,

so I will thank you.


You may not see

but flowers are blooming

at your feet.


Thank You Teacher.


Thank You Teacher Poem Copyright 2012 David Michael Jackson