Brad Paisley

Southern Comfort Zone by Brad Paisley

From Brad Paisley Songs
From Brad Paisley SongsBrad Paisley

There are poets in the south
I know the rest of you think of us
like we think of you
nuts in a nutshell
but there are poets in the south
and artists
and musicians
and athieists and philosophers
and theologians
oh yes we have those
and guns
and some good and many bad ways of thinking
just like you
just like everybody everywhere
You have your Billy Bob’s
We have ours
We’re proud of ours
The kitchen table is universal

Thank you Brad Paisley for making me proud of where I live. I’d miss these crazy people who never seem to stop trying to save my soul, talking crazy about Hillary taking their damn guns, eating the meat and three, finding some crazy internet bible myth, and quoting radio talk shows.