Song of Guantanamo Bay Poem byAmparo Perez Gutierrez

Song of Guantanamo Bay

We have come back from hell
Back from Guantanamo Bay

Our heads off our shoulders
Holding our heads in our hands we came
Back from Guantanamo Bay

We were tortured night & day
Back in Guantanamo Bay

Till our eyes dropped from their sockets
and our hearts missed their beats
Back in Guantanamo Bay

Which awful crime had we committed?
No one answered no one said
no one near no one human
Back in Guantanamo Bay

Still we prayed in utter silence
Back in Guantanamo Bay

Could not touch nor feel
Could not walk nor smell
Could nothing but pray
Back in Guantanamo Bay

In our orange overalls
No one near no one human
Back in Guantanamo Bay

In those cells or senseless shells
as time melted in eternity
no one answered no one near
Damned in Guantanamo Bay

Were you made of flesh or stone?
Were you human, was this Earth?
Executioners passed by
Back in Guantanamo Bay…

Some returned alive and kicking
Out of Guantanamo Bay
But we’re dead and still remember:
Damned be Guantanamo Bay

Amparo Perez Gutierrez