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 "Poetry is a sudden process
 of verbal compression ..."

Building Partner -- Retirement
A Longing -- Memorial Day
Status Report
Status Report Interpretation II
On The Beach
A Short Farwell Letter
Old Age
Ferris Wheel
I Saw A Man
Yolki Flowers at Tel Hazika
Yolki Flowers at Tel Hazika [hebrew]
Khamsin in the Hills
My reprieve is still valid
In Netanya, above the cliff
Stone Snowy Mounds
To Die At The Springs of El Hamma
Set One & Two Of Elisha's Poems
Set Three Of Elisha's Poems
A Biblical Experience
Portrait of My Mother & Now, and Without Her
Old Friends

Golden Koalas
Far From Saida
The Screeching Jackdaws
Had Gagya
The Lost Son -- Three Interpretations
Fall 1999
My Old Fidelities
Without A Eulogy
Memory of My Youth
A Cracked Statuette
Proud Heartworm
On The Way To Nabatiya


Migrating Birds -- An Italian § English Translation
New *Salamandre Sulla Strada Nordica

Migrating Birds -- German Translation
Verfolgter Dichter -- German Translation~A Haunted Poet
Ruckkehr -- German Translation~Mia, His Coming Back
Hebrew Origin -- Migrating Birds

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