Poem: Five Latest BRIKS

Motion Has My Built In
Emergency Brake
Deep in my dream world
trying factor in 100 %
the ordinary situation
using available powers
Whether this potential
is in this first place
using the premeditated
or emergency situation
A absolutely necessary
product of consumption
used in US marketplace
A something just shown
a case of an emergency

Wake Me Out of A Dream
With Your Pain
Out of the dream world
of yelling obscenities
out of the night woods
Jerry and Evan Concord
Queers of the old days
could be in heaven now
was my thing of beauty
brothers Bob uncovered
still hear in a street
early morning wake the
holy b Jesus out of US
Why is beauty so noisy
out of being her alone

Martha And Drunken Boy
Teach Me A Lesson
From out of this month
of my dreams of August
there is always hiding
one can not manipulate
my world all by itself
so has chosen a secret
which I can not reveal
to the dead world here
I shall project myself
a century beyond lives
that came to see today
the same our yesterday
ghosts will hoard away

Using Mind Over Matter
A Choice You Can Make
Do the dreams wear out
does there come a time
when the possibilities
have been examined out
You can use mind power
cures anybody problems
Turn on this selection
of mind over my matter
and change a direction
cancers went last year
with pure predilection
radical exists no more
thus ending my problem

US Overweight And Dead
In Islam Territory
Less alcohol drugs gas
being sold in the town
in their reverse order
morning dream has said
Before Iraq the street
the people out of work
carouse all night long
now our Iraq sick lurk
none where they belong
Pre Bush drugs and gas
lazy US National Guard
Bechtel Military Group
with fat boys deployed

(c) 2005 Frank Anthony
Use as you see fit to….