Pet Adoption Day Poem by Cara Alson

Pet Adoption Day

(Yawn) Hmm? Hey, what”s going on? Who is this strange human that”s picking me up, waking me from a warm, sweet nap?. Put me back with my mother and my brothers! Easy…easy… watch out for my tail.. Okay, I”ve landed in a soft spot. In fact, this human is soft all over, and it has a soft voice, too. Gee, it almost sounds like my mother”s purring. Well, that”s nice. I”m being stroked behind my ear… I feel like… like I might… might fall asleep…

Ooooh, a good stretch feels so good after a nap. It must be time to eat. Or time to play with my brothers. Hey! Where are they? And where”s my mother? I don”t know this place. Oh, here”s that nice soft human again.

“Take me home! Can”t you understand me? Take me home!” Darn, it doesn”t seem to understand Feline. Maybe my family”s around here somewhere.

Oh, there”s a bowl of milk. I”d better hurry before my brothers show up and take it all. Hmm, nobody else is coming to eat. All this is for me? I don”t have to share? Maybe this place isn”t so bad after all. There”s the bed I was sleeping in, and there are some neat toys. Where”d the human go? I”ll try calling it.

“Come play with me!” Hey, here it comes – that was easy. I bet I could get it to do almost anything I want.

Oh, I know what this is! I heard my mother telling some of my brothers about it. What was that word? Pit. Pot. Pat. Pet. That”s it, pet! Gee, I didn”t know it would be my turn so soon. I”m a little young, but I guess I can handle having a pet.

© 2002