magician poem by Clay Derryberry

For David P.

Behold the magician

Glide across the stage

With effortless Mistoffalees ease.

Wizard eyes flash “˜hind an unfurled cape

Casting trances here and there

Spelling the cast, while

To the sound of music

Long fingers tipple a gleaming top hat

Onto the table upside down

And out fly rabbits, field and sky;

Children wandering east of Eden

And out into the woods;

A people, yes, singing

Earthy, majestic, melodious, and free.

With the sweeping flourish of his white tipped verge

Something is afoot.

Stars spangle,

Years dangle,

Riddles rattle,

Tiddles tattle,

And it still is true

The hand is quicker than the eye.

Clay Derryberry

February 20, 2002