Just A Thought by Seymour Shubin | Poem


Do you know, she asks, what day this is?
and I answer “Monday.”
Don’t be a wise guy, she says
while I’m trying to think.
It’s not your birthday, I say,
and she says, You get points for that,
but really, what day is it?
And I’m thinking, It should be a sin
to do this to a guy.
Seriously, she says, if you don’t know
just say so.
I know, I know, I say
but you make me nervous
and I can’t think when I’m nervous.
Forget it, she says, and walks out of the room
only to come back in a few moments
holding a new golf club.
Oh my God, I say,
and I’m only forty.
Forty-one, she says

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