Jasmine Poem by Edy Lou Benjamin



to be the bird
in a cage
next to my caged friend
has indeed been remarkable…love
my friend
who gave to me a prescious tear
who gave to me
the owl, pussy cat,
three white feathers
and a rainbow
it was the right turn thru the maze
that brought us from the hill to the valley below
it was the will
of going on that lasted thru the night
birthing a sky of blushing dawn
that gathered rainbows in cotton clouds
filled the moon with feathers in the passing
and dreamed
the most perfect dream
we could think of…
the jasmine
fragrant in this predawn air
fills these cages of weird design
well spent let’s smoke to that
and all the humor we have shared
and love no longer feared

– Vera Jackson a.k.a Edy Lou Benjamin