Ascent Aspirations Magazine December 2012

“How Johnson Got Out of the War” – Ascent Aspirations

Ascent Aspirations Magazine

In their words:
“Ascent is a literary magazine that specializes in the darker shades of short fiction, publishes poetry with an edge, and features creative photography and art, as well as essays and reviews. From Ascent you can also visit some other interesting pathways. Established since 1997.”

Ascent Aspirations has always been one of my favorite sites because of the diverse nature of their content. I was thinking that I should “get out more” with my writing. There is a feeling of legitimacy that comes from being accepted by editors that feels good this morning as I read my short story they have honored me by publishing in their latest issue. They are a respected site and I should feel honored.
The story is my first short story about a character named Johnson.
The story is rather close to my life and was hard to write. I didn’t know it was so hard. I was inspired to try by my friend, the noted author, Seymour Shubin. His imagery and sense of the inner feelings of the character intrigued me so the ol’ poet/engineer set out to try. Like I say, I didn’t know it would be so hard on my psyche.
It’s a war story that begs the question. Here is my story of war, How Johnson Got Out of the War. Does the selection itself send our best to die?

I urge you to read Ascent Aspirations the Current Issue