Helium Poem by Janet Kuypers


by Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

I couldn’t help it.
I was attracted to you.
You elevated me.

You seemed so content, so light,
and when I saw you, you looked
so hot, like a solar flare.

Whenever I see you outside,
I feel you penetrating my pores
every single day.

But I didn’t realize
that outside like this,
we were never truly alone.

But being near you made me giddy,
I’d even raise my voice
whenever you’d come near me.

But only now I learn
That even though you’re hot, you’re colder
than anything I’ve ever touched.

So maybe
it wasn’t your heat
that drew me to you…

I think you’re truly unique,
but you tell me you’re common,
even though you’re still so hard to find.

I’d have to
search the Universe for you
to realize

you’re not as special
as you’ve led me to believe.
So, I’m sorry.

I couldn’t help it.
You have this effect on me
whenever you come to me like this.

I’m always so tense,
but with your low boiling point,
and the way you connect with me

you’ve calmed me down
and shown me a new perspective.
Because of this,

I avoided the fact
that we don’t really mix well together.
Either way, I still hoped

you could help me –
I mean, you can make me
feel like I can fly when I’m with you.

I just have to remember
that even though,
Every once in a while,

I can literally breathe you in,
A few second later,
you’re gone.