Graphite Drawing Henry by Kyle Baker


Graphite Drawing Henry by Kyle Baker

a bit grateful
a bit humble
a bit proud
judging not,
at last.
Whatchyouwant my picture for?


By minimizing the background, Baker’s recent work reminds me of Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures, the figures trapped in the stone. His main figure is amazing in this. Please click on the image to enlarge. The stark realism of the figure with the background so finely sketched gives the figure of Henry the effect of singular notice. It’s almost like the background is the stone and the figure is trapped in the paper. This gives Henry a singular notice also. The drawing is of Henry and who he is and who he represents to the viewer; character, perseverance, singularity, uniqueness. It is Henry, and Henry alone who was important in that room!

Art by Kyle Baker
Poem and comment by David Michael Jackson

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