Floating. A Poem by Fabrice B. Poussin

Strolling at noon on a precious day
when ghosts hover to a favorite dive
he bumped elbows with a girl in white.

The zenith stood guard above misery
throwing flames into his indecent gaze
for he must not dare to confront the heavens.

Black souls danced arm in arm
walking in a deathly cadence
until the bell again rang for order.

She did not belong in this ghastly crowd
her body smiling with the aura of ideals
a promise she vanished in a private realm.

The absent-minded saunterer attempted to follow her
beyond the glaring windows
a bright world in this indecent nightmare.

Her vision invited the stranger one last time
but he could only remain by the gate of horror
to see her disappear within the world she saved.

Fabrice B. Poussin is the advisor for The Chimes, the Shorter University award winning poetry and arts publication. His writing and photography have been published in print in the United States and abroad. He teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, La Pensee Universelle, Paris, and other art and literature magazines, where he has also featured here at Poetry Life and Times & Artvilla.com. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.
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