Everyday Russian family in the View of Americans | Poem by Vladimir Tayninskiy


Everyday Russian family in the view of Americans.
Vladimir Tayninskiy

I’m home!
Why so late?
On the way to bear I was detained – I gave him vodka!
Everyone at the table !
Let’s drink some vodka.
Mom, I’m gonna go play with the bear.
He was already drunk and happy!
OK, only first you son have a drink vodka.
Where’s grandpa?
It is the second week in a queue for coupons on coupons for vodka!
Well, before that he drank vodka and not sleeping.
Okay, go for a walk, son, and don’t forget to write a report to the KGB tonight!
We don’t have food,but there’s a box of vodka.
That’s 30 bottles.For a month.
Honey, something’s boring!
You drink vodka and play the balalaika.
I’m going to dance.
I’m already drunk and funny!
And so on…
what do you really think?