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Original Art for Sale
Original Art For Sale now there’s a hot topic but it’s so hard to do, sell art We have the right names and are sending folks to our new site, Art for sale Original
Artvilla owns lots of great names which we are pointing there
Abstract Original Art (abstractoriginalart.com)
Art for Sale by Artist (artsalebyartist.com)
The art and artists at Artvilla will start showing up at the new site and we may even have a store here. As usual, my sites start out about me, but they morph into being about US. That’s cool and I invite other artists to contribute in both places.
Our art lessons are very popular and folks have been looking at our art at Artvilla from there.
Motherbird, Scars and Artvilla were the right names. ArtforsaleOriginal has a ring!
Impressionism is indeed an over used term and I like this description of “Modern Impressionism” as a “search term” rather than a genre:
Original impressionism for sale
Has all art turned into categories and search terms rather than a search for meaning? It’s a good search unless it’s found, this meaning thing. The closer we come to answers, the more questions we have, the more complex the universe becomes and the smaller our place in it. The universe seems to get larger and man smaller and more insignificant. Art is an expression that raises a fist to that insignificance much like a flower.
A transient beautiful rebellion!
Original Art for Sale? Not an easy venture on the net. Wish us luck.

Original impressionism and abstract art for sale by artist on canvas an paper buy art online from the artists gallery
These phrases are an example of crap we say which has no real meaning.

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