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de buddha says all life is sorrow so be happy when you can
and happiness is only a state of mind
as children, petting a happy friendly dog was happiness
as an old person and/or artist … if we but remember
happy little things
and best of all is the help we get from our friends
…..Summer Breeze

A look at Artvilla in November 28, 1999

As you can see Artvilla was “Modern art, poetry, music, the cats and the kitchen sink”. I had to drop the kitchen sink because of traffic to the keyword. I should have turned into a kitchen sink store, I’d be rich now. Ha. and the Wayback Machine have archived much of the early internet. It is a noble attempt to capture a fleeting moment or two which would be lost. It is a noble attempt to capture a slice of folk creativity and energy which would be lost.

These are all magnetic spots which are there because someone has paid a bill somewhere. If the bill is not paid no one considers what is lost. The lights just go out so to speak. Ten years of work and creativity can disappear without a flash. Over the years I have seen many of the early great internet sites disappear. Thousands of poems by unknown poets lost. I guess only an unknown poet can cry a tear for them.

I hope can pay their bill.