Apology Song and Lyrics by David Michael Jackson


apology song

  • Johnny Minstrel’s avatar
    Johnny Minstrel

    Love your voice man and you do the sad song so right. Like that accompanying acoustic fill ins…adds a nice touch to an already good song!

  • Gleb Laurel’s avatar
    Gleb Laurel

    Nice and truthful ! A genuine piece of soulful folk music, with pretty lines of acoustic guitar and a most touching plainness. ***



    Here’s another sad song
    that’s all I have
    I’m just getting along
    doing the best that I can

    All I know is
    wishing you were here
    And all there is
    Is sitting here alone

    I was wrong
    and now I pay the price
    of lonely days
    and sleepless nights
    I was wrong
    and I’ve acted quite the fool
    It’s like I set out all along
    to just be mean to you

    They judge me so hard
    They say that I’m no good
    And I’m sorry doesn’t have
    the ring that it should
    and missing you
    is the price that I have to pay
    I’m so sad that it turned out this way.

    So here’s another sad song
    It’s the best I can do
    and I’m just getting along
    missing you