Ainu Madonna Poem by Barbara Spring

Ainu Madonna

Written the day before Easter

White light dreams through

each leaf

each dragonfly wing.

Sophia streams white light

black madonna of the well

virgin of the rocks.

Sunlight opens plum blossoms

warms rock my thighs

we entirely pierced by sunlight:

bear child me.

Their cries bring milk

in starry streams

brimming sweetness


bear cub

and baby girl

look into my eyes

as I look into theirs:

tug teat suck

and knead

my breasts jet warm white

streams that pool in

circle of fur curve of belly thighs arms.

We never chose to be

bodies in the milky way–

soft and tender flesh spinning through space

Mother Sophia, black madonna, rock virgin:

So o o o o Fi i i i i a a a a a