Abstract Landscape Painting by Glenn Merchant

Abstract Landscape Painting by Glenn Merchant

Abstract Landscape Painting
Is that an art genre? Maybe it should be. Is that a contradiction. An abstract is, by definition, a painting that does not represent the real. Of course there is no definition for an abstract painting and it could be said that a landscape painting cannot represent the real world either being both flat and made of paint.
A very beautiful painting. So full of color and so exuberant, a celebration it seems.

It is by Tennessee Artist Glenn Merchant.

End of Summer Painting- by Glenn Merchant

Summer Painting- The End of Summer


This summer painting really reminds me of summer.It is by Tennessee Artist Glenn Merchant. This is an abstract painting of a tree. The colors play with the eye. I really like the tree.

Here is and end of summer poem by Wayne Jackson (1951-1989)

August laughing wind
bouncing against the open window
extending a finger
into the corner of the summer
to ease the curtain aside
and gently blow a kiss
on my sweating brow

Here is Monet’s End of Summer Painting:

Monet End of Summer Painting
Monet End of Summer Painting

Claude Monet End of Summer

There are certainly similarities in color relationships here. Merchant is a more modern form of Monet, drifting into abstraction, but with the same intent, to capture the colors of the moment. To excite the eye.

Connecticut Artist Leif Nilsson

Connecticut Artist Leif Nilsson

Connecticut Artist
Leif Nilsson Spring Street Studio and Gallery, LLC

Connecticut Artist Leif Nilsson is an impressionist. A modern form of Monet in Connecticut. His art is wonderful. His site is so very well done so get out of here and go there.
Click on the pic above and use Cntrl + to enlarge. It’s high-res and you can zoom to the brush strokes. Very pretty close-up. With impasto the eyes loves to just look at ther brushstokes. They are part of the art.
The internet is about content and links. Our little show and tell gene is a bit more out of hand than most and our posts and links mean that we can help other artists be seen on their sites.

Artist Leif Nilsson is our content today. We like the way he goes for it.
Any artist knows the cost of materials and impasto is expensive. To paint Van Gogh’s paintings with his materials would cost a small fortune. We admire Leif’s work!