Doggerel Poem

My doggerel
bit off the
sentence and
“You’d better
this time”


According to Wiki:
Doggerel: derogatory term for verse considered of little literary value.
Since any sentence may be chopped to look like a poem, doggerel has the modern connotation of fake poetry. Quite honestly it is hard to tell the difference since a sentence can be beautiful.

The free dictionary has this:

doggerel [ˈdɒgərəl], dogrel [ˈdɒgrəl]
1. (Literature / Poetry)
a. comic verse, usually irregular in measure
b. (as modifier) a doggerel rhythm
2. nonsense; drivel
From the 14th century: worthless, perhaps from dogge dog] does a great job discussing the origins and use by great poets and bad poets of doggerel as wordplay.

david michael jackson

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