Alex Sparks Hashtag America

Hashtag America

Alex Sparks’ submission for the 2013 Write Bloody Publishing Contest

Alex has put the words here:


Has youth really changed or, is each generation just more aware of the struggles of the youth of earlier generations. It’s like Alex carries my Vietnam generation inside himself. I realize too that I carry the very true feeling of separation and gallant struggle of WW II.

We are conceived from the young. It is the young sperm and egg that carry those passions to the next generation and, somehow latent memories themselves. I was born in 1948 and I somehow remember the big one. Alex relives Vietnam in the same way .Those latent inherited memories help butterflies get to Peru.

Our wars and protests are imprinted in each generation of children as latent memories and we have to stop.

No, youth has not changed so much. It just went from Clark Kent to James Dean to John Lennon to Alex. Youth seems to be getting it right and is getting smarter more quickly. The trouble is that we taught them our peace and love but we kinda traded it in on a piece of land. We should be prouder of who we were then.

We young hippy turned yuppie baby boomers changed the world, and we find the new youth still just as fervent and confused, just as young and wonderful as we, and smarter.


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  • Vivienne Callaghan

    As a person who has now reach 1/2 a century…yep, 50, it’s half a century.. Wow. What a lot I have seen in the past 50 years…tremendous amounts. From a programme called ‘Tomorrow’s World where people will move with powered backpacks and cars will fly and … you get the drift right? Books on Sci-Fi that had then elements that have now come to pass in real life:- houses that are automated, drying without towels, buying without leaving the house, cleaner and brighter fuel for a cleaner brighter future… get where I am going with this right?

    How much will I miss when I leave this planet? How much more have I yet to see in my life time?

    One thing that seems to remain constant….is this….

    People are just that. People. They have their wants, needs and desires. They wish to be better and yet…yet…never quite obtain the nirvana they are searching for ….

    Your words..inspiring and anything that is inspirational is good.

    I hope that more people are touched by those words as I was from hearing them…I hope more people can take the wisdom and use it wisely.

    I send you good wishes on your life journey. May all you do be righteous and filled with honest love.