Vermeer Watercolor With Abstract Hair and No Intent

Vermeer watercolor
By David Michael Jackson Modern Art Paintings and Images
Jake: Why did you name it that?
Jackson: It needed a name, they always do.
Jake: Isn’t “No Intent” an intent?
Jackson: I suppose but true lack of intent would be an invisible painting so I’m a liar. We’ve gotten somewhere here.
Jake: The painting resembles that painting by Vermeer, why?
Jackson: She’s the perfect motif, like the Mona Lisa. Motif. That’s what the artist really searches for, the perfect motif.
Jake: How and why did you paint this? Can it have meaning without intent?
Jackson: The flower’s only intent is to create another flower. It is beautiful but that is not the intent. So beauty and intent can exist without each other.
Jake: …and the circumstances?
Jackson: Years ago I was doing a study of the Vermeer girl….she’s beauty itself. I did okay on part of it and screwed up part of it. Water color in unforgiving so the painting sat in a pile for ten years…..One day I smeared some paint on my finger and covered up the bad parts. Without intent it has meaning.
Jake: And that is?
Jackson: “You go for perfection, beauty, and cover up your mistakes as best you can” What other meaning is there in life? Beauty is truth, truth, beauty, Keats Beauty is the ultimate intent, and pathos and the need for love. My statement of no intent is meant to provoke as is much of my art
Jake: Thanks for the interview. Oh one other question. Why do you call your website Modern Art Paintings and Images?
Jackson: I’m one of the earliest internet artists. I know that no one is asking for an unknown artist. “We don’t have the gold going UP the hill.”…Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I’m the keyword poet, artist and musician. They don’t ask for me. They ask for “Make up your mind poem” or “modern art images”. Maybe they’ll find me for “Vermeer Watercolor”. He never painted one but that’s the internet and people find me. My name doesn’t matter. The art, music and poems do. I’m the ultimate internet virus of art but I’m seen read and heard. Come to think of it Anon has always put out some good stuff!