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Storm Poem


The Storm
by David Michael Jackson

there I wuz
tryin' to make music but
the sky wouldn't shut up
rumblin' and ravin to beat all
well I yelled back I did
Shut up I said
can't you see I'm a tryin' to make music in here
that's when it started talkin' back
louder and louder like the Battle of Stones River itself
I yelled agin' "Back off you ol' storm"
That's when it started a throwin that hail at me
I jumped back an' closed that window I did.
That is when I saw it
my cat a runnin' for high heaven in the driving sleet.
I opened that window agin' but she was gone she was
gone and the sleet was piled up agin the side o' the house
like snow
and the storm she rumbled low like bass drums with
bombs a goin' off on the horizon
an' the sleet a hittin' the window like static on
an old radio
It always makes me feel charged like the lightnin' itself
when it blusters like that.
It's like God almighty himself has allowed himself a few moments
to jus' be angry an'
be proud of it
I jus' hope he don' accidently hurt my cat

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