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I Am Woman Poem

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Depending On The Day by W.L. Hammond

She wears her hair wind blown wild, with a
positively me smile, and the not sure
who I am child within her eyes. Do you
recognize her? She walks upright,
a confident woman, with firm breasts
and shapely hips and oh, yes, …thighs. Legs
a mile long and strong, her heels dancing
to that "I Am Woman" song. She's a real
go-getter, when the odds get better on roaring
days. But oh, baby, she likes to laze about,
and maybe pout alone. She's a red-hot classy
down to the bone, a bit too brassy, even sassy
when your coming on. So if she's PMS'ing,
it's the best thing, if you just stay away, she's
a brazen bitch and temptations angel, and
some days even that gets tangled, but it's okay.
It's a woman's way to gloat or wail, float or sail,
or child's play. She'll either kiss the mirror,
or miss the mirror, depending on the day.

© July 1997 W.L. Hammond

Copyright © 1997 by W.L. Hammond , All rights reserved

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