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by Summer Music

are we then two different species?
those who are tested
and those abused by the test?

we know the king sits fat upon the throne
draws a line 'round all that is his own
those that grovel at his golden feet
know the king will shortly lose his head

that's the way it is in the extreme

being tested is the vegetables
being the test is the meat
the back of one hand remembering
assaults & surrenders
flowers grow so very strong
wind born - petal bright flying
one onion petunia patch
listen, listen, the flowers laugh
rippling waterfall laugh

oh yes, pain behind the laughter
but who would trade the laughter for the pain?
the trained seal claps
the trained dog takes naps
and who am i but something of a you
something perceiving or bleeding
or just dreaming

come, take my hand
let's walk again this forest path
where fairy meets the goblin in the leaves
listen, listen, the flowers laugh.

Copyright © 1998 by Summer Music, All rights reserved

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